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California Transplant Donor Network
Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC
CaliforniaTransplantDonorNetwork/shortve rsion_Layout1 17/09/2014 15:20 Page1 California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN) is a non-profit organization that facilitates organ and tissue donations for transplantation in Northern and Central California and Nevada. CTDN works closely with hospitals, transplant centers, and the public making sure quality donations are provided safely and on time. CTDN ...
Assessing Biocompatibility: A Guide for Device Manufacturers
Pacific BioLabs (PBL)
The word biocompatibility refers to the interaction between a medical device and the tissues and physiological systems of the patient treated with the device. An evaluation of biocompatibility is one part of the overall safety assessment of a device. Biocompatibility of devices is investigated using analytical chemistry, in vitro tests, and animal models, in vivo tests. The ...
The FDA – When Why they visit and how to respond.
Avomeen Analytical Services
THE FDA – WHEN / WHY THEY VISIT AND HOW TO RESPOND. If you are working at a GMP or GLP manufacturer or laboratory you will need to know what to do when the FDA's inspectors come to visit. The quality control director here at Avomeen Analytical Services has put together a brief outline in order to help you be prepared for such a visit. · Company recently made the national public news. · ...

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Fujirebio Europe - eLearning preview - INNO-LiPA HBV Fujirebio Europe (formerly Innogenetics)
Tutela Wireless Temperature Monitoring Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Tutela wireless temperature monitoring systems are fully FDA compliant, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and rock-solid audit trails for complete regulatory ...

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