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Designing Measures for Knowledge Management
In this article, APQC Executive Director Cindy Hubert explains how to design measures for knowledge management initiatives. Her advice includes (1) use tools that promote dialog and provide a framework for thinking, (2) engage people who are involved in the workflow, and (3) align measures with change management initiatives.
APQC's Perspective on Knowledge Management
If you are new to knowledge management, this is a good place to start. Developing an effective KM system begins with identifying the business opportunities that could be enabled by a better flow of knowledge, building a KM strategy and designing the initial projects, and developing measurement and tracking systems to determine the ROI and health of the projects. This paper condenses what APQC ...
The Intersection of Innovation and Knowledge Management
To address the increasingly mobile and social knowledge management (KM) and innovation landscape, APQC launched an Advanced Working Group (AWG) in October 2008 with the purpose of co-developing models and methods for using KM to innovate and grow in the future. This white paper focuses on the AWG's work and research regarding the connectivity, creative abrasion, cross-functionality, and enhanced ...
APQC's Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity
APQC's Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity provide a road map for moving from immature, inconsistent knowledge management activities to mature, disciplined approaches aligned to strategic business imperatives. These levels are integrated with APQC's Stages of ImplementationTM so that implementation at each stage provides a foundation for success and a launching pad to the next stage. In this ...
Strategies for knowledge management and knowledge transfer
IHS Inc.
It’s no secret that supply chain functions today are engaged in what AMR Research has described as a “war for talent.” The name of a recent report from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics says it all: “Are You Prepared for the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?” The author, Ken Cottrill, points out: “Supply chain faces a severe shortage of talent at a time when the demands on the profession ...

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