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Lufft USA  Abbeon Cal has the tools and equipment you need for solutions in welding, cutting, sealing, bending, staking, molding, cooling, drilling, deburring, testing, measuring and precision climatology measuring applications.
Basic Wind Speed / Wind Direction Sensors BASIC sensor wind direction
Differential Pressure sensor Differential pressure sensor with long-term stability, with automatic zero point traceability, for decentralized installation.
MicroStrain  Welcome to MicroStrain, Inc. We make tiny sensors that are used in a wide range of applications, including knee implants, civil structures, advanced manufacturing, unmanned military vehicles, and automobile engines. Our...
3DM-GX3® -35 The 3DM-GX3® -35 high-performance, miniature AHRS (attitude heading reference system) with GPS, combines MEMS sensor technology and a highly sensitive...
Agile-Link Wireless Data Acquisition System This system allows for simultaneous data collection from multiple sensing nodes. It is a wireless data acquisition system capable of simultaneous,...
Navtrak, Inc.  Navtrak develops GPS-based management tools, providing cost-effective vehicle monitoring, mapping and reporting solutions for field service and pickup and delivery companies.In GPS tracking, you hear plenty of talk about...
Navtrak™ In GPS tracking, you hear plenty of talk about systems, solutions and technology. 35 years of experience with my own fleet has taught me that this stuff...
NXP Semiconductors  NXP Semiconductors provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power, Digital Processing and manufacturing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide...
PAR Technology Corp  PAR Technology Corporation operates two wholly owned business units: ParTech, Inc. and PAR Government Systems Corporation. ParTech, Inc. is the industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality...
Chassis Tracking (CT-100) The CT-100 technology provides real time monitoring of intermodal chassis during inland container transport, for steamship line, rail, lease, and highway...
Container Tracking - (ICT-100) Working closely with the US Department of Homeland Security and US Department of Transportation for several years, PAR LMS has developed and deployed an...
PHASE IV ENGINEERING, INC  Founded in 1992, Phase IV Engineering, Incorporated, provider of world-class RF solutions, is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For over eighteen years Phase IV has been engaged in...
Energy Harvesting Temperature Sensors Get the maintenance-free benefits of “no-battery” replacement and long transmission ranges with energy harvesting sensors. Energy Harvesting Sensors...
HF RFID Temperature SensTAG Passive RFID SensTAGs™ are based on chipsets powered by RF energy—they have no battery and are simply powered by a standard ISO 15693 reader to energize and...
Ramtron International Corporation  Designs, develops and markets specialized memory, microcontroller and integrated semiconductor solutions for a range of applications in the metering, computing & information sys, automotive, communications, consumer &...
Resonetics Inc.  Resonetics provides laser micromachining solutions and systems for life sciences manufacturing and other applications requiring precision laser processing. We machine polymers up to 1mm thick and create features as small...
Rockwell Automation, Inc  Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis.,...
Sensors - 889A Sealing Caps and Coupling Adaptor Allen-Bradley sealing caps are available in aluminum, plastic, and nickel-plated brass materials and a variety of connector styles.
SciLog  The SciLog Family of sensing solutions has been designed with bioprocessing applications in mind. Each sensor arrives pre-calibrated for simple plug and play operation. Once installed, our sensors operate reliably...
Pressure Sensors & Monitors The SciPres combines pressure sensing capabilities and the convenience of disposability with easy setup. Each sensor is preprogrammed and barcoded with a...
Temperature Sensors & Monitors The SciLog SciTemp provides high precision temperature sensing capabilities in a compact, disposable package at a low price point. Each sensor is...
Shockwatch, Inc.,  ShockWatch is a global leader in the innovation and optimization of logistics and cold chain risk mitigation.
TrekView TrekView is designed to be low-cost and help optimize the cold chain by alerting manufacturers, handlers and shippers when a product has been exposed to...
TrekView with Internal USB The internal USB version of the TrekView is best suited for environments where an external cable may be in the way during product movement or when the...
Tekscan, Inc  We at Tekscan are committed to delivering the most advanced thin-film tactile pressure and force sensors, systems, and enabling electronics in the world. These sensors will be accurate, simple to use, and cost effective....
Trimble Navigation  Trimble is a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability. Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies...
Trimble NetR3 GNSS Reference Sensor The Trimble NetR3 GNSS reference sensor provides high-quality results and is ideal for a wide range of infrastructure applications such as high-accuracy...
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Sensors Research Library

4-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Temperature Sensor
CAS Data Loggers
CAS DataLoggers Offers Expert Suggestions CHESTERLAND OH—May 29, 2012 Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications found across a broad variety of industries including medical monitoring, cold chain integrity, machine monitoring, and many more. There are 4 main types of temperature sensors that are used with data loggers, and it can seem like a lengthy decision ...
Atmospheric Monitoring for Health and Safety
A. What is a Solid-State / Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) / Broad Range Hydrocarbon (BRH) sensor? B. What is not “A” above? II. Historical Quiz for the Gas/Vapor Detection Instrument Makers III. A Brief 30-year+ Overview of MOS Sensor Applications A. Specific Projects: Slow paced, with technical input B. The Lightning Round: A 10-minute rapid-fire summary of successful use of MOS sensor C. ...
Monitoring Exported Perishables Throughout Shipping
CAS Data Loggers
dataTaker Data Monitoring System Proves Valuable While Exporting Perishables During Shipping CHESTERLAND, OH – June 7, 2011 For quality purposes, CAS DataLoggers was presented the challenge of environmental monitoring in a shipping container used during the exportation of paprika peppers and various other fruits. The critical elements to be maintained included the oxygen levels, CO2, Ethylene ...
Remote Datalogger Monitoring Temperature of Concrete Curing During Dam Construction
CAS Data Loggers
Using Instrumentation to Monitor Structural Stability CHESTERLAND, OH – April 6, 2011 Many critical environmental elements and structural variables determine the long term strength and stability of a dam under construction. CAS DataLoggers was presented the challenge of determining the appropriate equipment to provide the construction engineers in a dam development project. Sensors including ...
Using a 3-Wire RTD to Prevent Temperature Measurement Errors
CAS Data Loggers
Ensure High Accuracy in Your Critical Temperature Measurements To prevent inaccurate temperature measurements which can potentially cause disastrous inventory losses, CAS DataLoggers recommends using 3-wire RTDs to customers taking temperature measurements using RTD sensors. These sensors are affordable and easily available for use with our wide inventory of temperature dataloggers.

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