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Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC  Tutela web-based medical temperature monitoring systems, protecting invaluable assets, eliminating compliance risk, generating rapid ROI and freeing up valuable resources.
Sensors Covering the widest variety of applications, Tutela Systems offer a wireless transmitter module to satisfy every scientific and medical monitoring...
Ubisense  Ubisense is the world leader in Precise Real-Time Location Systems, providing enterprise business automation by tracking people and assets with unmatched accuracy, and enabling visibility and control of previously...
Ubisense Series 7000 Compact Tag The Ubisense Compact Tag is a small, rugged device that, when attached to assets or worn by people, allows them to be located to an accuracy of 15cm* in 3D...
Ubisense Series 7000 Intrinsically Safe Tag The Ubisense Intrinsically Safe Tag is a small, rugged device that, when worn by people or attached to objects, allows them to be located to an accuracy...
Videk Inc.  Videk delivers high-speed, real-time vision systems to the leaders in digital print and mail automation. Working with our OEM and Reseller Partners, they develop real-world inspection and verification solutions for laser...
Videk MatchVision™ MatchVision is a 2-Camera reading system designed to track every mailpiece as it moves through an inserter.
VisionSensor™ 2030 VisionSensor™ is an all-in-one Postal and Barcode Reader now programmed for the new USPS 4-State Customer Barcode (4-CB). No other single device performs as...
27 - 29 of 29
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Sensors Research Library

4-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Temperature Sensor
CAS Data Loggers
CAS DataLoggers Offers Expert Suggestions CHESTERLAND OH—May 29, 2012 Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications found across a broad variety of industries including medical monitoring, cold chain integrity, machine monitoring, and many more. There are 4 main types of temperature sensors that are used with data loggers, and it can seem like a lengthy decision ...
Atmospheric Monitoring for Health and Safety
A. What is a Solid-State / Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) / Broad Range Hydrocarbon (BRH) sensor? B. What is not “A” above? II. Historical Quiz for the Gas/Vapor Detection Instrument Makers III. A Brief 30-year+ Overview of MOS Sensor Applications A. Specific Projects: Slow paced, with technical input B. The Lightning Round: A 10-minute rapid-fire summary of successful use of MOS sensor C. ...
Monitoring Exported Perishables Throughout Shipping
CAS Data Loggers
dataTaker Data Monitoring System Proves Valuable While Exporting Perishables During Shipping CHESTERLAND, OH – June 7, 2011 For quality purposes, CAS DataLoggers was presented the challenge of environmental monitoring in a shipping container used during the exportation of paprika peppers and various other fruits. The critical elements to be maintained included the oxygen levels, CO2, Ethylene ...
Remote Datalogger Monitoring Temperature of Concrete Curing During Dam Construction
CAS Data Loggers
Using Instrumentation to Monitor Structural Stability CHESTERLAND, OH – April 6, 2011 Many critical environmental elements and structural variables determine the long term strength and stability of a dam under construction. CAS DataLoggers was presented the challenge of determining the appropriate equipment to provide the construction engineers in a dam development project. Sensors including ...
Using a 3-Wire RTD to Prevent Temperature Measurement Errors
CAS Data Loggers
Ensure High Accuracy in Your Critical Temperature Measurements To prevent inaccurate temperature measurements which can potentially cause disastrous inventory losses, CAS DataLoggers recommends using 3-wire RTDs to customers taking temperature measurements using RTD sensors. These sensors are affordable and easily available for use with our wide inventory of temperature dataloggers.

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