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CEOs agree that innovation is the primary engine of growth and value creation. Products and services are often the sole focus of innovation, but true innovators understand that the process along the way can also provide much opportunity to innovate. Thomas Edison and his team represent the best example of these timeless truths. Edison created and maintained a lab environment that allowed for collaboration among his workers in person and in real- time. Although many things remain the same over time, each new century presents current leaders with a unique set of challenges.

In the year 2009, we are experiencing the effects of the expansion and growth from the last two decades. Most organizations now extend far beyond the parameters of corporate headquarters; many companies’ extended enterprises include various countries on several continents. In addition, the existing and upcoming information worker’s mindset is vastly different than from previous generations. Companies are struggling with how to foster a collaborative and innovative spirit amidst these and other obstacles. Not surprisingly, executives state that they are generally disappointed in their ability to stimulate innovation—a third says they stimulate it in an ad hoc way.

st Fortunately, 21 century organizations can experience the same innovative and collaborative spirit and synergisms as Edison’s team by implementing corporate strategies that include creating and maintaining a dynamic collaboration infrastructure. Companies must use technology to securely empower information workers throughout their extended enterprise to work as if they are in the same space and at the same time. The right technologies—those that are ensured a high rate of adoption—are those that the workers are already familiar with and/or they use in their personal lives. Actify purposely chose to use Microsoft technology in their collaboration and 2D/3D visualization software to answer these demands.

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21st Century Success Series: Intentional Innovation
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