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Great leaders know that in any economy their organization’s long-term viability hinges on its ability to innovate. Today as companies look for ways to do more with less, innovation must come from the information workers throughout their extended enterprise.

In our previous whitepaper titled, “Intentional Innovation” we explored the necessity of thinking like Thomas Edison did 100 years ago. His strategy for success was simple and timeless: He gave his team the ability to create, innovate, and improve their inventions and workflow processes in person and in real-time.

Today, companies must create the same environment for their workers despite the fact these people are often st separated by a few floors or thousands of miles. Success in the 21 century requires organizations to create and foster a collaborative spirit throughout the extended enterprise. Today we have collaboration, 2D/3D visualization, and social networking software available to help us bring people together despite the distance between them.

But people (the information workers) are a demanding group—and technology without people is useless. At a minimum, they insist their tools be user-friendly and similar to those used in their personal lives. When people are given the right tools—technological or otherwise—and they are empowered to use them, innovation can occur at any and all levels of their organization’s workflow processes. The entire organization will benefit in a multitude of ways.

First, redundancy, risks, and costs will decrease; productivity and product quality will increase. Organizations will experience a lower rate of worker turnover, faster time-to-market, and improved customer service. Finally, the organization as a whole will be more transparent which in turn will produce greater accountability. Leaders can leverage this clarity and the cumulative business intelligence to make informed decisions and intelligently respond to the boards of directors and shareholders.
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