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A. What is a Solid-State / Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) / Broad Range Hydrocarbon (BRH) sensor? B. What is not “A” above?

II. Historical Quiz for the Gas/Vapor Detection Instrument Makers

III. A Brief 30-year+ Overview of MOS Sensor Applications

A. Specific Projects: Slow paced, with technical input B. The Lightning Round: A 10-minute rapid-fire summary of successful use of MOS sensor C. Application Notes—Problem Solving

IV. Discussion of selected ENMET MOS Sensor-based Commercial Instruments from 1972 to 2006: ALCOLOK / RSD-14 / ISA-5 / CGS-4 / ISA 33RAL / CGS-20M / Target / EX-5150 [No text included in this document, but will be discussed by presenter.]
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