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Tips for lean supply chain improvements in manufacturing operations and six technology tools to automate these best practices.

Some people might think of lean supply chain technology as having to do entirely with purchasing, distribution, global sourcing and other activities that relate directly with supply chain management. But we know that within a manufacturing enterprise, everything impacts everything else, and in order to make real progress, we need to see things holistically across the enterprise.

Lean supply chain improvements require a commitment for the top of the organization to configure the company for that correct blend of efficiency and responsiveness. It requires the creativity to open the manufacturer’s internal processes to vendors and customers. And it requires a commitment to the disciplines of multiple-mode manufacturing and demand planning.

But the reward is great for those manufacturers that do embark on this lean path, and those rewards should show up clearly on the bottom line. Lower investment in inventory, greater customer satisfaction, less work involved in managing suppliers are the benefits you can realistically expect to realize when you use the right enterprise application to bring lean to your supply chain.

This White Paper will discuss:
• Four tips to help you bring lean supply chain improvements to your manufacturing operation.
• Six technology tools that help automate these lean supply chain practices.
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