Counterfeits, Compliance and Continuity – The A&D Sustainability Paradox - Sponsored Whitepaper

Counterfeits, Compliance and Continuity – The A&D Sustainability Paradox
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Counterfeits, Compliance and Continuity – The A&D Sustainability Paradox

Manage through-life support and availability while controlling costs, complying with regulations and mitigating risk in the aerospace and defense supply chain By Andrew K. Reese, with Scott Wilson and Rory King

P aradoxically, security risks and threats to supply chain continuity like counterfeit parts and EU REACH compliance come at a time when A&D competition is intensifying, customers are seeking availability contracts, and through-life performance is critical. Learn how to achieve product lifecycle sustainment and: • Enable a comprehensive sustainability and obsolescence strategy based on an effective compliance strategy. • Speak to executives about the risks and opportunities of compliance for sustainability and obsolescence management. • Fund the compliance project as the foundation for the sustainability and obsolescence strategy.

Competing Priorities, Looming Threats The $700 billion global Aerospace & Defense industry came through the recent global recession better than many sectors but still facing flat growth, downward pressure on margins and profits, and intensified competition for increasingly scarce sources of revenues. In addition to these economic pressures, A&D companies face the dual pressures of having to maintain support for aging platforms while also continuing to innovate and bring new systems to market. With competition intensifying in A&D, contracts are being awarded to companies that can demonstrate performance and availability with superior design, through-life sustainability, cost-containment and consistency. And yet fierce market competition may appear relatively insignificant when compared with other threats looming on the A&D battlefield. Global workforce churn, business complexity and increasing

environmental regulations, economic instability and counterfeit elec- tronics are commonplace risks that fly in the face of availability and per- formance. Always important, obsolescence planning and supply chain risk mitigation are now critical and must unify regulations, standards and supply management as a necessity to through-life sustainability. This whitepaper explores this paradox facing A&D companies as they grapple with the challenge of managing obsolescence, through-life support and availability while controlling costs and mitigating risk in their supply chain. We will outline new and essential methods for obsolescence management, risk mitigation and document notification to ensure next-generation through-life sustainability of A&D programs. These measures will be critical to address next-generation complexities that threaten availability and performance.
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